Here are my top tips to help you to recover from birth to the first 6 weeks.


Realise you have just done a massive thing by birthing and you have a new baby to care for. Get in your army of helpers. Have meals prepared for you. Have the house work done for you. Really upsize this. Rest and recovery are essential.


Listen to your body. Rest when you can. Put your feet up and rest your pelvic floor by taking pressure off it. What are you needing right now? Support systems are vital.


Your body is healing from 9 months of pregnancy and a vaginal birth or c-section. You will have initial healing and be sore. When this acute stage has past and the pain has gone, you are still healing for up to 2 years.


With exercise start off with a walk to the mailbox and then gradually increase this. Factors to be aware of are pain, discomfort, feelings of heaviness or dragging around the vagina or back passage, c-section pulling with motion, energy levels.


Do you feel depleted or energized on return from a small walk? If you feel good then this has been good for you. If you don’t feel right or feel shattered post a small walk then upsize the rest and relax more. Consider whether you need to see your GP or Lead Maternity carer.


Check in with a Women’s Health Physio. Do this regardless of what type of birth you have had or how easy or hard it was. This check will look at your pelvic floor strength (your pelvic floor will be affected from pregnancy, vaginal or c-section delivery).Your tummy muscles can be checked here for strength and tone and diastasis.


If you have had a difficult delivery and have sustained significant trauma which can be physical or emotional there are services that can help. BIRTH TRAUMA


Eat foods that heal your body. Upsize protein portions to repair the tissues that have stretched or been cut or torn. Drink bone broth to help heal the gut and the collagen in bone broth will help to heal stretched tissues. Upsize your water and vegetable intake. WOMAN’S HEALTH INSTITUTE


Get pooping and perfect your pooping style. Relax your tummy when passing a motion, elevate your feet on toilet rolls. Lean slightly forward. Support your c-section with a towel if you feel more comfortable. Take your time on the toilet.


Do all you can do to make a motion soft and easy to pass. This includes increasing fibre, drinking water and moving your body to get motions moving down.


Mental health is so important in the postnatal period. Baby blues can last a few days. Postnatal depression can last longer. Postnatal psychosis is real for some and needs immediate referral. Here are the services that can help: PADA


Your body will look different and feel different. The clothes you wear will fit differently now. Don’t worry about your old clothes and trying to fit them. You are in a new chapter now. Buy a few new clothes. Clothes that showcase the new you. Show off all your curves and love your self right now for what you have achieved. You don’t need added pressures to look a certain way.


You are amazing just the way you are. Dress to feel amazing, move to feel amazing. Because you are just that, amazing. Well done and congratulations on being a wonderful new mum.


Book in to my award winning Postnatal recovery class! This will have you fit for motherhood and aims to get you safely back into that sport or gym class again. I look forward to looking after you with care there. X