I know it is because I care, actually a lot.

I can empathise deeply, because I am a mum, who has been pregnant and birthed.

I am good at detailed assessment and I know the whole body well.

I fully encompass my nursing background and combine this now with health and fitness.

I love to liase with other health professionals, for best client outcomes.

I know when, how and who to refer my clients to.

I know when am out of my depth, this feels good. I have parameters and scope of practice.

I continually feel privileged to work with this client population at such special times in their lives.

I love to learn and to impart my knowledge to my clients, the general public and other health professionals.

I feel constantly excited and passionate about what I do. Sometimes I have to check in with myself to see if my enthusiasm is wearing off, but it just continues to grow….

People tell me I know a lot that my knowledge is deep. People trust me and want to hear more. They confide in me.

Right now I want to reach more women…

They tell me they feel stronger, fitter, more confident, they feel well educated, they wish they had seen me earlier, then they tell their friends; “that’s where you go, you go and see Lynda.”

I am enjoying this journey who knows where this path will lead.

I can’t believe how happy I am in my work.

It is pretty cool and I am pretty lucky.

Wow just wow!