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Puff fitness Postnatal Recovery Programme

For Gyms or personal trainers

Trainers! Are you training women who have EVER given birth?


  • Are you focusing on women but are lacking a POSTNATAL RECOVERY PROGRAMME to DEEPLY SERVE and ATTRACT any women who has EVER had a baby?
  • SEPARATE yourself from the CROWDED MARKET by offering to train clients in an AWARD WINNING POSTNATAL RECOVERY PROGRAMME.
  • Have you already trained in POSTNATAL FITNESS but are lacking the DRIVE to put an OUTSTANDING PROGRAMME TOGETHER?
  • I AM HERE TO HELP YOU DELIVER, the work is all done for you……
What We Offer
Our point of difference
Experience an Award winning postnatal recovery programme
After 5 years education, experience and market feedback Lynda entered the NZ Exercise Industry Awards in 2017.  She won Programme Excellence for her Postnatal recovery programme.
The judge’s comments were:
“A meticulously researched and thoroughly developed programme for postnatal women, with outstanding client care and attention to needs. The Puff Fitness programme sets a new bar for postnatal recovery in an exercise setting.”
Tried and tested by 100’s of Mums

My client experience was important to me so I refined my programming for 6 years based on customer feedback. The programming was adjusted when I learnt a new thing of value to postnatal women. You can launch the programme straight away, it is already for you to use with any women who has recently given birth or has EVER had a baby.

Superior quality, unparalleled in the Exercise Industry

The more I talk to Health and Fitness professionals and train up other licences the more I realise the gold in what I have created. There is nothing like this. I have incorporated all the bells and whistles in this high level programme.

Attract and convert postnatal women easily

A programme of this level will attract new clients through your doors. It will keep them exercising safely and have the mums spreading word of mouth referrals.

The work is done

The programming is comprehensive but easy and simple to implement. You can pick and choose from the list of the components in the programme and still see results happening. You may choose to go with the award
winning formula from the start. It is up to you.

Problems you can solve for your clients


  • Improve Tummy appearance
  • Diastasis rehabilitation
  • Assessment of pelvic pain
  • Improve pelvic floor strength
  • Improve incontinence
  • Exercise safely with prolapse and birth trauma
  • Tone and strengthen
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve aches and pains
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Help with weight loss and nutrition for healing
  • Fitness for motherhood
  • Postural corrections 
  • Lifting safely post birth
  • C-section recovery
  • Confidence to get back into that gym class or sport safely
  • Improve mental health
  • Educate your clients about their core muscles
  • Lifetime value
  • Education
  • A nanny service is recommended to help mums attend the programme
Training is provided

I provide you with the training to run the programme. Personal trainers become Puff Fitness Certified postnatal trainers after they have completed the training.

Programme Designer

Lynda Lovatt

About Lynda

Lynda Lovatt, owner of Puff Fitness, Reps registered personal trainer, Registered Nurse and Winner Programme Excellence Postnatal Recovery programme, NZ Exercise Industry awards 2017.

Lynda has kept on adding value into her programmes. She has set a very high standard after years of developing this programme. Lynda has focussed her attention to go deeper to find out and address the needs of the consumer. Attention to detail, deep knowledge base, and outstanding client care is something she is good at. These are the standards she will expect others who run her programmes to adhere to as she moves these live programmes throughout New Zealand and eventually online global.

Lynda has over 13 years experience as a Registered Nurse before retraining in fitness in 2010. She is now a REPs-registered personal trainer.

Lynda has completed her Advanced continuing professional development in modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming. She is also highly qualified in pregnancy exercise and birth preparation programming. Lynda has done numerous other courses and conferences in women’s health and she continues to up skill in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a certificate in adult teaching?
A. No.  I have been teaching staff and Fitness Professionals over the last 2-3 years.
Q. Is this a qualification on the NZQA authority?
A.No. It is a course.
Q. Are you Reps Registered?
Q. Is the course registered with Reps NZ.?
A. Yes.
Q. How many CPD’s do I receive?
A. 5 CPD’s on course completion.
Q. Do I have eternal access to the programming?
A. Yes. You can go back into the content and resources. You receive access to my online exercise library and so do your mums.
Q. Who is this programming and training most suitable for?
A. Any Fitness Professional who is training women who have ever given birth.
Q. Why should I do this training?
A. Because currently the base qualifications in the Fitness Industry to not cover recovering women from childbirth. The programming is award winning, safe and will get results for your clients. Specific questions need to be asked to keep your client safe during exercise if they have given birth.
Q. How long will it take?
A. Allow 8 hours. You don’t have to do it all in the one time period. You can come back to it.
Q. What support to you provide?
A. We have a private facebook group. I am also very interested in your success and I offer mentoring and assistance to help you succeed with the programme and in your business.

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Feedback from our licencees…


“The Puff Fitness Postnatal Program has given me the opportunity to get into working hands on with mums much sooner than I would been able to trying to create my own program from scratch. The fact that the program has been running for so long and has had amazing results makes me really confident delivering it to mums.”