Term 4 Personalised Post Natal Fitness Classes


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Postnatal recovery programme

8 week package deal. Cost is $499

Term 4 dates
Wednesday 12:30pm to 1:30pm 21/10/20 – 9/12/20

Exercise prescription is based on your individual birth experience.
Experience an award winning postnatal recovery programme.
We provide a nanny to mind your baby for that much needed me time.
Boost energy levels to help you cope better with the demands of motherhood.
Improve tummy muscle appearance with our top ten strategies.
Full body muscle tone and strength to improve body confidence.
Get back safely into that sport without prolapse and leaking urine.
Improve c-section scar tissue for improved blood supply and healing.
Learn how to safely lift your baby capsule, pram and everyday items.

Advanced Postnatal recovery classes.

8 week programme designed for those women who have already done my Postnatal recovery programme. Cost is $449. Wednesday 11am to 12pm. Start 14/10/20 – 2/12/20.

Experience a circuit style class that takes you to the next level of fitness.
Lift heavier resistance confidently
Learn how to jump and run and also protect your pelvic floor.
Move with speed.
Improve your agility.
Build cardiovascular fitness
Also learn about the importance of recovery, stretching and unwinding.
We have a Nanny to mind your baby.
You receive access to my online video’s.