Term 4 Personalised Pregnancy Exercise classes


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Individual training in a small group in a boutique studio in Seatoun.
• Personalized Pregnancy exercise and birth preparation.
• Ease aches and pains with beautiful muscle releases as your pregnancy progresses.
• Safely get your heart rate up to maintain your fitness.
• Improve tummy muscle tone as your baby grows.
• Feel fit and confident to manage birthing and motherhood.
• Learn how to relax your pelvic floor for an easier delivery and recovery.
• Stop annoying urine leaks with pelvic floor exercise.
• Learn how to position your own baby for easier birthing.
• Online access to my Birth to Baby programme full of exercise and education.

8 week package deal. Cost is $399. These classes are designed for you to jump into when you like. The classes are intended to be consecutive.
You may enroll from any starting date.

Term 4 dates:
Tuesday 12:45pm from any start date
Wednesday 7:30am from any start date