Small Group Personal Training Or Personal Training



The following offerings are designed for you to exercise alone with me or you may choose to bring a friend along with you to make it a small group. We can create a time slot that suits  you or where possible you may be able to join an existing group. 

8 week package deal.

Cost is $399 for two or more in a class (Max of 4 ladies)

$699 for personal training.

Each of the above includes a one hour private preassessment.

These classes are designed for you to jump into when you like and are intended to be used consecutively.  I will do my best to start these at a time that suits you, or you may choose to join an existing group.

  • Personalized Pregnancy exercise and birth preparation.
  • Ease aches and pains with beautiful muscle releases as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Safely get your heart rate up to maintain your fitness.
  • Improve tummy muscle tone as your baby grows.
  • Feel fit and confident to manage birthing and motherhood.
  • Learn how to relax your pelvic floor for an easier delivery and recovery.
  • Stop annoying urine leaks with pelvic floor exercise.
  • Learn how to position your own baby for easier birthing.
  • Online access to my Birth to Baby programme full of exercise and education.