Personalised exercise for woman from Sixty Plus



Cost $399 for 9 sessions for two or more ladies. Create your own group by exercising with a friend! $699 for personal training (special rate*). This is for 8 sessions with a private preassessment beforehand. Contact me to organise a time that suits you best.

The sessions are individualised but can include some of the following components related to healthy aging and movement.

  • Preserve your ability to multitask with play and exercise.
  • Maintain your hand eye coordination and balance.
  • Manage everyday activities with superior confidence.
  • Exercise your bones and muscles to feel strong and flexible using Gymstick
  • Work on your core to prevent those leaks or prolapse.
  • Feel fit with cardio for heart and lung health
  • Personal one hour pre assessment to help me tailor your exercise prescription.