Pregnancy Programmes

Learn safe and effective exercises to maintain good posture, and core connections. Prepares you to feel confident and in control for the birth of your baby.


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About the programme


Women want to feel confident about birthing. My programmes show them ways in which they can reduce birth trauma, have an easier delivery and improve their postnatal recovery. The birth preparation part of the programme is well received. Women often attend again at the end of their pregnancy to recap on all the tips they learnt.

Class access online

Lynda has created online educational videos and is building a collection of pregnancy exercise videos that you can access when you buy the programme. This works very well if you miss a class or want to exercise more than once a week. You can press play at home.

Going the extra mile

Lynda is constantly adding value to her pregnancy programmes and is well connected with birth doulas, pregnancy massage therapists, aromatherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, womens health physios, general physios to link in with her to create a rich experience for her pregnant ladies.


Most of the ladies coming to my programmes are working in the CBD so my classes at 11am are working very well. They last 60 mins and get you back to the office.

Pregnant ladies want to exercise safely and know what is appropriate during this time. Women want a good work out that encompasses cardio, strength, flexibility and toning. We cater to this with a product called Gymstick.

See Gymstick in action below

I am looking forward to seeing you in my Pregnancy exercise and birth preparation programme, at Habit Majestic on Willis st.

What we offer

Our point of difference

Pregnancy Exercise

Keep your core connected as your baby grows

learn to prepare your pelvic floor for birthing, but keep it strong enough to prevent leaking during the last trimester

Keep fit, strong and flexible as we prepare you for the birthing Olympics

The exercise in the class prepares you for all the everyday movements you have to do as a pregnant lady and then also as a new mum.

Learn about pregnancy nutrition and nutrition for weight loss and healing in the postnatal period

Feel confident and in control about birthing options, and your birthing environment and about decisions you will have to make for your baby in the early postnatal period

We provide information for your partner about ways he can be involved in the birth

We show you exercises you can do to promote anterior positioning of your baby for easier birthing

We talk about the importance of the microbiome should you need to have a c-section

We talk about topics that aren’t covered in antenatal classes that are important like pelvic floor recovery

My classes are small and the content is holistic

If you are unclear about whether an exercise you are doing outside of my class is right for you, you can always ask me

See you there!

An experienced trainer

You will be guided through your pregnancy exercise and birth preparation programme at Habit Majestic by Lynda, the owner of Puff Fitness.

Lynda has over 13 years experience as a Registered Nurse before retraining in fitness in 2010. She is now a REPs-registered personal trainer.

Lynda now has two qualifications in pregnancy exercise. She loves to learn and you can guarantee that she will be giving you the latest exercise information.

Learn more about our trainer

What Problems we can help with
  • Me time
  • Health and nutrition education
  • Safe activity
  • Soft tissue/pain management
  • Confidence in Birthing
  • Pelvic floor
  • Restorative activity
  • Postnatal information
Thorough assessment

Everyone is thoroughly screened by me to make sure they are safe to come into the programme.

All your fitness goals during your pregnancy are listed and catered too.

We look at your health during your pregnancy and address any symptoms you may be experiencing.

I will liaise with your lead maternity carer if needed and also refer you to physiotherapy services where appropriate. We will continue to check in with you as your pregnancy progresses.

Lifetime value

Learning how to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles is so important. When you are pregnant you need to be able to keep your pelvic floor strong as it needs to be able to support a growing baby.

It also needs to be stretchy enough to deliver your baby. Balance is key there.

Learning how your core muscles work and what happens to them during pregnancy really sets you up well to recover postnatally. It is much better to learn this now rather than when you are tired in the postnatal period. As your core muscles stretch you can loose connection with them. We aim to keep your brain connected to these muscles as you exercise during pregnancy.

Once you have delivered your baby of course you will come back to us for your postnatal recovery. Here you will see how your pelvic floor has reacted to pregnancy and birth on ultrasound. We train you how to improve you pelvic floor function right there! Amazing isn’t it?


All of this content is available from the website when you sign up for the programme. Prepare for a dose of education. You will be informed all about the pelvic floor with pelvis models and pictures to show you.

You will learn about pelvic floor safe exercise, optimal life style during pregnancy, birth planning and really interesting things like the microbiome.

What problems can we help with:
Me time
Health and nutrition education
Safe activity
Soft tissue/pain management
Confidence in Birthing
Pelvic floor
Restorative activity
Postnatal information

Lynda is excited to help you the in areas above. She has so much knowledge and experience to share. You will have to sign up to find out more!

Our dedicated team

Reps registered Personal trainer, Registered Nurse and programme designer


About Lynda

Lynda Lovatt, owner of Puff Fitness, Reps registered personal trainer, Registered Nurse and Winner Programme Excellence Postnatal Recovery programme, NZ Exercise Industry awards 2017.

Lynda has kept on adding value into her programmes. She has set a very high standard after years of developing this programme. Lynda has focussed her attention to go deeper to find out and address the needs of the consumer.

Attention to detail, deep knowledge base, and outstanding client care is something she is good at. These are the standards she will expect others who run her programmes to adhere to as she moves these live programmes throughout New Zealand and eventually online global.

Lynda has over 13 years experience as a Registered Nurse before retraining in fitness in 2010. She is now a REPs-registered personal trainer.

Lynda has completed her Advanced continuing professional development in modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming. She continues to upskill and keep learning.

Reps Registered Personal Trainer

About Cat
Cat has been working closely with Lynda in her pregnancy classes. Cat will begin her training at the deep level of Pregnancy Exercise and Birth preparation programming online from the UK from May this year.
Cat is a mum of two and is very passionate about Women’s Health and fitness. Cat brings enthusiasm, and personal and professional experience with her to each exercise session.

My pregnancy programmes are run at Habit Majestic on Wednesday from 11-12pm. They are 60 mins long. We are catering to the corporate pregnant working woman. These programmes are available to women in neighbouring suburbs as well. You do not need to be a member of Habit Gym to attend.

Make an enquiry

Habit Majestic

Majestic Centre Level P2
100 Willis St
Wellington, 6022

Phone Number
(04) 499 9940

*There are esclators that lead to the entrance to Habit Majestic. If you are coming into Habit Majestic with your pram for a pre assessment please enter the building from the Boulcott street side and follow the signs into Habit Majestic.

Parking is best at Plimmer towers Wilson Carpark off Boulcott st. If you arrive pre 10:30 am then this is the best time to secure a space there. (There is street parking around for 2 hours maximum.)

Send us a message to secure your spot in the programme

We will get back to you by email to gather the necessary details about your pregnancy

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What customers are saying about PUFF Fitness


I undertook a pregnancy programme with Lynda and cannot fault her enthusiasm, knowledge and support during this period. I only wish that I had found PUFF Fitness earlier! Lynda genuinely cares about supporting women with her holistic fitness program and I am looking forward to joining her postnatal program.

– Amelia