pregnant mother exercising


I am so excited to let you know about this unique pregnancy programme I have created.

This beautiful offering is unparalled in Wellington and truly encompasses my deep pregnancy fitness training and Registered nursing skills. Being a mum myself and having had one vaginal birth and one c-section means I know what the recovery is like for both…and how you can prepare for this while pregnant!

My pregnancy programme is designed to go deeper with education and exercise related to pregnancy, birthing and preparation for Motherhood.

Mums to be are often worried about what exercise is safe to do during pregnancy and they are worried about giving birth.

The exercise in the class is tailored and specific to the needs of the pregnant lady. I cleverly cover exercises that keep your core connected to movement, exercises that help to prepare you for birth, and exercises to prepare you for mother hood. The aim is to have everyone feeling safe during exercise, excited and confident about birthing and empowered and fit for the demands of Motherhood.

There is always a stretch component to the class where muscles are kept supple enough to aid with birthing and keep your posture in check and address those aches and pains.

I provide education on topics such as last month of pregnancy guidelines, preparation for the birthing olympics, ways to reduce trauma to your pelvic floor that promote and easier postnatal recovery, nutrition for pregnancy and postnatal healing and weight loss, how your partner can help you, what happens if you have a c-section….and so much more.

This education component is delivered via Video and in class time. The video’s will be accessible once you join the programme for you to enjoy and fully absorb in your own home. We are adding more video’s all the time.

I am linked in with other wonderful physio’s, massage therapists, counsellor’s, midwives, aromatherapists who all serve and pregnant population too. You will find out about these services in the programme.

The programme is 8 weeks long as is run at Habit Majestic in Willis St. This programme is suitable for a lady who is pregnant for the first time and working in the CBD or for someone who is pregnant with their second or third child.

I look forward to seeing you there.