Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Preparation. 
  • Contact me via my website and I will receive your enquiry.
  • I will email you back with a form to fill in so we know you are safe to exercise.
  • We are also super keen to find out all about your fitness goals during your pregnancy.
  • We can also refer you to help address any issues. We are linked in with many different service providers.
On signing up to my programme you will receive:
  • The latest exercise information from the Register of Exercise Professionals.
  • Flyers from people I know who are also serving the pregnant and postnatal community.
  • Educational information from Continence NZ about pelvic floor exercise.
  • A resistance band that you can take home with you to use when you access all my exercise video’s.
We make sure you feel confident to excercise inside and outside the aerobics room. 
 We are Rep’s Registered personal trainers. We are trained to prescribe strength exercise, cardiovascular exercise, flexiblity work and personalise it to you.
  • We are trained specifically in a deep level of pregnancy exercise and birth preparation.
  • We give you guidance about making some exercise modifications for your stage of pregnancy or if you are having any aches and pains.
  • We can guide you about what exercise will be most appropriate for you outside of our classes so you keep moving with confidence.
  • We use a product called Gymstick which everyone loves. Gymstick helps to get your heart rate up and improve your strength and flexibility.
  • The class will be mostly Gymstick, cover pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation and also exercises to prepare you for birth. A relaxing stretch and unwind is included in each session.
You will receive educational content and exercise content so if you miss a class or want to exercise more than once a week you can press play at home!!
Educational content:
Last month of pregnancy guidelines including emotional and physical preparation for the birthing olympics.
  • How to reduce pelvic floor muscle trauma and improve your postnatal recovery.
  • Correct nutrition and hydration to fuel you for the birth of your baby.
  • How to prepare your perineum to be flexible and ready to birth.
  • Ways you can reduce stress and get ready to birth.
  • How to prepare your cervix for birthing.
  • Know how to position your own baby in your pelvis for easier birthing. This is so easy for you to do.
Keeping you strong for motherhood. 
  • Being as fit as you can be for labour and then for motherhood is so important.
  • We show you how you can do every day activities that you do as new mum like getting off the couch carrying a baby, or putting a pram in the boot. This activities need to be done safely to reduce pressure on healing tissues.
  • We show you 20 Foundation principals for postnatal healing and weight loss. This is like gold. There is so much information in these principals.
Puff fitness is all about creating value and I am adding to my services all the time. I am committed to and passionate about women’s health and fitness.
To find out more or to get in touch please open this link below. I look forward to meeting you in my pregnancy programme soon.