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Experience an Award winning postnatal recovery programme
After 5 years education, experience and market feedback Lynda entered the NZ Exercise Industry Awards in 2017.  She won Programme Excellence for her Postnatal recovery programme.
The judge’s comments were:
“A meticulously researched and thoroughly developed programme for postnatal women, with outstanding client care and attention to needs. The Puff Fitness programme sets a new bar for postnatal recovery in an exercise setting.”
Thorough assessment

Everyone is thoroughly screened by us to make sure they are safe to come into the programme. We liaise with a variety of physiotherapists and will refer you when necessary. All your fitness goals are listed. Your tummy muscles, alignment, core connection, c-section scars, breathing, blood pressure and movement patterns are all assessed and documented also a full birth account and past medical history. This is a very comprehensive check and takes an hour. This is essential before the programme starts.

Highly qualified and experienced postnatal trainers
We are passionate about keeping ladies moving in the postnatal period to improve your physical and mental health and restore strength, flexibiity and improve your overall confidence.
Our primary focus is to have you managing all your motherhood movement patterns well. Such as lifting a capsule, and getting up off a couch holding your baby. But also getting you safely back into that sport or gym class.
We also help reduce diastasis, improve pelvic floor function and connection, build cardiovascular fitness, help to calm the nervous system and relax you as well.
Video access for 6 months

Lynda has has poured all her knowledge into this side of the programme for you to access. All of her years of experience you will see reflected in the video’s and in the programing in the classes each week.

The exercise in the video’s differs to the class offering. There is so much education in the video’s too. We are keeping this library fresh and updated.


  • 8 weeks worth of progressive exercises to make you feel fitter and stronger.
    Pelvic floor exercises are all integrated into the movements.
  • Learning to engage your pelvic floor as you lift your baby, get off the floor or throw your pram in the boot.
  • Learn how to improve your tummy appearance in quick easy steps.
  • How to feel fitter and stronger for motherhood and get back safely into that sport or gym class.
  • Diet and life style advice around postnatal healing and weight loss.
  • What has happened to your pelvic floor from birthing and pregnancy.
  • How to recover from c-section and vaginal tearing.

Information packs, resistance bands, and weekly emails
  • When you start the programme you will be given an information pack with lots on exercise in general and specific postnatal and pelvic floor education.
  • You will also receive a resistance band which will assist in doing all the exercises in the video’s you receive access to.
  • We will email you each week with things to focus on and let you know what is happening the week after. 
  • We have a private facebook group set up where you can support each other through the programme.

Pelvic floor ultrasound (available in some locations)

This service is available at some locations, please check with your trainer. 

  • You will experience 2 pelvic floor ultrasounds as part of my postnatal recovery programme.
  • We place some jelly on the lower part of your tummy – just like when you are having a scan when you are pregnant.
  • You need to have a full bladder for this. The Physio’s at Habit place a probe on your tummy and this highlights your pelvic floor muscles. You can see them on a screen in front of you.
  • We then ask you to do your pelvic floor exercises and you can see if your muscle is working well. This gives you instant feedback. Which helps you see if you are doing your exercises correctly.
  • Pelvic floor muscle training can be tricky to do. That is why you need to be confident that you are doing the right thing and the right type of pelvoc floor exercise for you post baby.
  • On week 6 we take another look at what your pelvic floor does in standing and when you bend to the floor. It is important to be able to connect with it in during these times as well.
  • By week 6 most mums have improved their pelvic floor strength and are very aware of how to use this muscle when they are doing a heavy movement. We coach you through this in the programme.
  • What we can’t tell with ultrasound is prolapse, tight pelvic floor muscles need referring to pelvic health physiotherapy, and we can’t tell you how strong the muscle is, or clearly detect any other birth trauma. 
  • That is why we also work closely with Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. You will see more about this service in the next box.
  • There is life time value in knowing how to contract and relax you pelvic floor to prevent leaking of urine or poo or prolapse symptoms moving forward. 


Check out the pictures and video below of our ultrasound service in the programme.


Pelvic health Physiotherapy
  • Following our one hour pre assessment to the programme we may refer you to pelvic health physiotherapy. This is a separate cost to the programme.
  • Pelvic Health physio’s are skilled in assessing pelvic floor muscles on a deeper level as these muscles are internal muscles. The physio’s can also help with pelvic pain, breathing patterns sexual issues, and diastasis.
  • Depending on what you are needing they may do an internal examination to assess for prolapse, birth trauma, and also the strength of your pelvic floor.
  • They can check your pelvic floor muscle balance. As with any muscle it can become tight or weak. Sometimes your pelvic floor muscle may need releasing or it may need strengthening up, some times it may need both.
  • It is important to know what your pelvic floor muscle needs the most. It will be affected from pregnancy, vaginal or c-section births. There are things that can impact on your pelvic floor muscle even before you become pregnant!
  • When you have seen a pelvic health physio you can still come into the Postnatal recovery programme. We receive a report back which enables us to personalise your exercise prescription.
  • We show you in the programme how to use your breath and your pelvic floor muscle when you are doing complex movements such as throwing a pram in the boot or getting up from the floor.
  • Essentially you move from being able to activate and relax your pelvic floor in lying to being able to integrate it with your everyday movements at home.
A dedicated nanny (some locations)

This service is available at some locations around the country.

Please check with your trainer to see if they provide this service.

Our dedicated team

Programme Designer

About Lynda

Lynda Lovatt, owner of Puff Fitness, Reps registered personal trainer, Registered Nurse and Winner Programme Excellence Postnatal Recovery programme, NZ Exercise Industry awards 2017.

Lynda has kept on adding value into her programmes. She has set a very high standard after years of developing this programme. Lynda has focussed her attention to go deeper to find out and address the needs of the consumer. Attention to detail, deep knowledge base, and outstanding client care is something she is good at. These are the standards she will expect others who run her programmes to adhere to as she moves these live programmes throughout New Zealand and eventually online global.

Lynda has over 13 years experience as a Registered Nurse before retraining in fitness in 2010. She is now a REPs-registered personal trainer.

Lynda has completed her Advanced continuing professional development in modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming. She is also highly qualified in pregnancy exercise and birth preparation programming. Lynda has done numerous other courses and conferences in women’s health and she continues to up skill in this area.

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Lynda Lovatt
Puff Studios, Seatoun, Wellington

Personal and small group personal training
Address: 11 Burnham St, Seatoun
Phone Number 021 336901

Candice Haultain
(Personal Training 1:1 & Small Groups)
Address: Please get in touch
Phone Number 027 427 6249
Fleur Park
Remuera & Meadowbank/ or Auckland
Small groups & Personal training 1:1
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Phone Number 021 2699336
Faye Paula Ingrey
Small groups & Personal training 1:1
Address: Please get in touch
Kasey Tapara
City Fitness, Palmerston North

Address: Please get in touch
Phone Number 027 319 3291

Ruth Gamblin

45 plus age range and individual or small group training.
Address: Please get in touch
Phone Number 027 295 8001

Michelle Tester
City Fitness, Lyall Bay, Wellington

Address: Please get in touch
Phone Number 021 184 5974

Jaimee Taylor
Habit Health, Evans Bay, Wellington

Address: Please get in touch

Tiffany McClure

Address: Please get in touch

Joanne Williams
Te Kowhai Fitness
Te Kowhai Hamilton

Te Kowhai Fitness


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What customers are saying about PUFF Fitness


After the birth of my second child, I was very run down. I was stuck in a cycle of having no energy or strength and being very susceptible to injury. Lynda’s class was the perfect place to start the healing process and regain my strength; it was a safe environment of appropriate exercises and lots of support. I just wish I’d started there sooner. I recommend the class to all post natal mums and suggest that you don’t wait until you are feeling better to go, go so that you do feel better.

– Suzanne