Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Preparation Programme

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Benefits for you
  • Safe exercise that improves your energy levels.
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Improve aches and pains associated with musculoskeletal changes associated with pregnancy.
  • Reduce or prevent a wide diastasis (abdominal muscle separation) with specific exercises that feel great to do.

Birth preparation

Promotion of an easier birth through:

Physical preparation:

  • Improving hip flexibility with delicious hip mobilisers that you can do in the class and repeat at home.
  • Education and exercise around relaxing and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Research based education around perineal massage.
  • Exercises that help to facilitate anterior positioning for your baby for an easier birth. These are amazing and easy to do.
  • Maintenance of cardiovascular fitness for birthing and motherhood and to maintain good mental health.
  • Preparation for life with a newborn with exercises that show you how to lift everyday items associated with motherhood. This is super important for your recovering pelvic floor and tummy muscles.

Mental and emotional preparation:

Beautiful online video’s and education is provided is provided to assist in the physical, emotional and mental preparation for birthing. You receive 9 months access to this and the content also covers the early postnatal period. It took me a year to create this online programme. It is yours to use along side the live pregnancy classes.

Highly qualified and experienced in pregnancy exercise and birth preparation
Lynda has been exercising pregnant and postnatal women since Puff Fitness launched in 2013. She has two qualifications now in pregnancy exercise and birth preparation.
Women’s wellness consultation
Before you come into the programme I provide you with a health questionnaire to find out your fitness goals, injuries etc and make sure you are safe to exercise. Allow 30-60 mins for this prior to commencing your 8 week programme block.

Video access for 9 months

You will receive access to my online video library with exercises and educational content to help you maintain your fitness during pregnancy and prepare for birthing and the early postnatal period.


Our dedicated trainer

Programme Designer

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About Lynda

Lynda Lovatt, owner of Puff Fitness, Reps registered personal trainer, Registered Nurse and Winner Programme Excellence Postnatal Recovery programme, NZ Exercise Industry awards 2017.

Lynda has kept on adding value into her programmes. She has set a very high standard after years of developing this programme. Lynda has focussed her attention to go deeper to find out and address the needs of the consumer. Attention to detail, deep knowledge base, and outstanding client care is something she is good at. These are the standards she will expect others who run her programmes to adhere to as she moves these live programmes throughout New Zealand and eventually online global.

Lynda has over 13 years experience as a Registered Nurse before retraining in fitness in 2010. She is now a REPs-registered personal trainer.

Lynda has completed her Advanced continuing professional development in modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming. She is also highly qualified in pregnancy exercise and birth preparation programming. Lynda has done numerous other courses and conferences in women’s health and she continues to up skill in this area.

Years ago Lynda became a certified trainer in Menofitness. This mean she can prescribe exercise and and lifestyle changes for women in their forties and fifties during perimenopause and menopause.
Lynda will complete training in 2020 in the 3rd age woman and Optimal health after hysterectomy through Burrell education in the UK.


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