Why does exercise prescription need to change around menopause?

Your hormonal profile will dictate your exercise prescription. But typically check these things out:

Upsize your chill out time. Cortisol levels can be high during menopause. Exercising excessively increases these levels. Restorative yoga is a great option.

If you haven’t started weight training make sure you factor this in. Your bone density will be reducing. Weight training stimulates new bone growth.

Your pelvic floor muscle decreases its blood supply. Soft tissues around the vagina start to thin. Vaginal dryness occurs. Pelvic floor dysfunction can worsen at this time.

Does your exercise need to be pelvic floor safe? This will be individual, but this is a good starting point. Keep up with your pelvic floor exercises. Check in with a women’s health physio.

Weight gain, hot flushes, mood swings and many unwanted symptoms can present around menopause. I do recommend saliva testing to assess hormone levels. These results help us to implement some lifestyle changes to help with these problems.