Specialised Women’s Exercise Services


  • Puff Studios is a boutique private fitness studio in picturesque Seatoun, Wellington.
  • At Puff Studio’s we offer two classes. These are Gymstick and Restorative Yoga. They are blocks that run each term. See details below.
  • Exercise in pregnancy, post birth, midlife and Sixty Plus is all personal training. We are able to organise training with a friend if you like. See details below.
  • Classes last an hour unless otherwise stated. Please note that the start and finish dates are different for Yoga and Gymstick.
  • Classes do fill quickly so book online today or please feel free to message me to set up a 15 min chat to let me know how I can best help you.

Personalised Pregnancy Exercise

Personalised Postnatal Recovery programmes

Personalised Women’s Midlife Exercise

Gymstick Fitness Class

Restorative Yoga Class

Personalised exercise for woman from Sixty Plus

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