cast of pelvis with pelvic floor muslces


When you are pregnant it is a great time to start to get in touch with your pelvic floor and perineal muscles (of course if someone gives you this opportunity before please take it up). This will help you to know what is normal for you, know how to relax and strengthen these muscles, and how they feel now. You will also know the differences for you before and after delivery of your baby. This will help you feel more confident and prepared to birth and also give you the knowledge to know if you need help in this area postnatally.

Here are three things you can do right now to check out your pelvic floor:

  1. Take a look
  2. Practise perineal massage
  3. Try out my noodle exercise.

Can you find a mirror and take a look at your perineum. This is the area between your vagina and back passage. Can you see if you try to activate your pelvic floor ( think about lifting a tampon ) what is happening? You may see a squeeze around your vagina or a squeeze and lift around your back passage.

What can you feel? If you insert your finger into your vagina, can you feel tension? Can you feel movement, like a lifting sensation if you think about trying to do a Kegel ( think lift and squeeze a tampon )? What did you learn here?

In my online birth preparation to 6 weeks postnatal programme you will have access to an amazing video all about perineal massage. This is a great way you can free up the muscles and tissues to help with birthing and also help to reduce perineal pain postnatally.

I show you 4 progressive exercises that you can do with a noodle. This will help you to mentally prepare for birthing by allowing you to feel pressure on your perineum that is similar to when your baby is crowning.

Here is snap shot of the video’s you will enjoy on my online programme, click here to view:

I hope you found this blog about perineal preparation informative. You will learn much more about this when my online Birth preparation to 6 weeks postnatal programme launches soon. Stay tuned.