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Hi, I am Lynda Lovatt

Lynda Lovatt is an award winning postnatal recovery programme designer and the owner of Puff Fitness.

A registered nurse and registered fitness professional who is passionate about women’s postnatal pelvic health, Lynda developed a postnatal recovery programme specifically for women which is used by gyms and fitness professionals around New Zealand.

Lynda’s journey to developing the successful programme began while she was working as a personal  trainer and her life took a new turn when she struck issues with her own pelvic health.

After having her two children Lynda loved weight training and running, but didn’t realise her pelvic and core areas needed strengthening post childbirth. Lynda started to leak urine when she sneezed, coughed, jumped, laughed or ran, and soon realised that this was common but not normal.

It struck Lynda that all women who give birth are affected by pelvic floor issues that are often left untreated for the rest of their life. “I realised that my focus as a fitness trainer and former nurse was to design a postnatal recovery programme to help women recover from childbirth and enhance their health.”

The programme addresses specific postnatal considerations for women and enables them to keep exercising safely.

In 2017 Lynda’s programme won Programme Excellence Award at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards and in 2020 was a finalist in the Innovation of the Year category.

The programme is designed to cater for all postnatal women from those who simply want to strengthen their core, pelvic floor and body to those who are experiencing issues like incontinence, prolapse, diastasis, pelvic pain or during pain during sexual activity.

Lynda is passionate about all women having access to postnatal recovery exercise. She now trains personal trainers around the country to deliver her programme.


Puff Fitness Postnatal Recovery Programme New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards:

  • 2017 Winner, Programme Excellence Award
  • 2020 Finalist, Innovation of the Year


Winner of Programme Excellence for our Postnatal Recovery Programme at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards 2017

“A meticulously researched and thoroughly developed programme for post natal women, with outstanding client care and attention to needs. The Puff fitness programme sets a new bar for postnatal recovery in an exercise setting.”

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Below are some of my other qualifications.

Burell Education Pregnancy excercise and birth preparation qualification
Burell Education CPD post natal assessment qualification
REPs registered trainer